Friday, August 27, 2010

Who's responsible for failing or succeeding?

I'm almost 17 years old and I'm a person who dreams a lot, who has so many thoughts that I go to bed, but sleep three hours later, because of these thoughts. All I think about is my life. Why's that, some people might ask. As I explained in my description most of the people know me as a cheerful person, but only my closest friends know the sadness in me. I bet even those don't know how often I'm down, because of certain things that happened to me. Just as an example: My parents divorced, my grandmother died and I had to quit playing basketball, because of circumstances that pushed me to the ground, although basketball was all I had, all I loved! All this happened within three months. I always acted like it didn't bother me, but it did. Now I know. But I never lost staying positive and I won't ever loose it. All this things happened just made me more ambitious and stronger. Ambition and strength I need, to achieve my major goal: Becoming an MTV Germany host. Some people don't think I'm serious when I tell them, but I am! I know I can do it. I start working on it everyday! Being interested in fashion, art and especially music. Learn more English. Achieve the horizon of music. I will succeed! I set it in my mind and I won't get it out of there, nobody can steel it. I'll climb the ladder up. I've been down for a too long time, it's time to get up and brush off the dust and dirt! Here I come, here I come!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Arrogance or Self-Esteem?

"I could let these dream killers kill my self-esteem, or use the arrogance as a steam to power my dreams." This is one of my favorite quotes of one of my favorite artists- Kanye West. This verse was used first in the track "Last Call" of Kanye's first album "The College Dropout" and appears again in the "Ego (Remix)" of Beyoncé and Ye. For me this quote is like a motto. It's so true! He predicted it exactly! Some people say I'm cocky and I had a time where I really had to deal with it but in these days I just think "so what?" turn my back against it and just go. People who know me for a long time really know that it's confidence and no arrogance. I might be conceited sometimes, but that helps me to get further in life. Like the quote says, use it as a steam to power something. No matter if it is your major dream. You can use it. But check your ingredients, before you overdose on arrogance! " Some call it arrogant, I call it confident."

Monday, August 16, 2010

Was wirklich zählt...

Es ist nun eine Zeit her, seitdem ich das letzte Mal etwas auf meinem Blog gepostet habe. Wenig Zeit und auch kaum Lust gehabt etwas Neues zu schreiben, aber nun wollte ich doch noch mal etwas schreiben. Ich bin nun gut 3 Wochen in den USA und wenn ich eins in Deutschland vermisse, dann seid ihr das - meine Freunde. Ich liebe es zwar unbeschreiblich doll, neue Menschen aus verschiedenen Kulturkreisen kennenzulernen, aber es gibt keine besseren Menschen als die alten Freunde Zuhause und meine Freunde sind einfach wunderbar und vielseitig. In meinem Freundeskreis habe ich in Bjarne einen großen Bruder, in Johnny den witzigsten Menschen der Erde, in Jan einen Freund der mich seit vielen Jahren kennt und mit dem ich über alles lachen kann, in Luke einen wahren Künstler als Freund, in Yovana eine so unglaublich tolle und starke Persönlichkeit, in Maja eine so lebensfreudige junge Frau, in Thorben einen kleinen Bruder und auch Christophe muss man erwähnen, weil er einfach ein extraordinärer Boss ist. Ich könnte den ganzen Tag so weiter machen, mit all den Leuten die ich so gerne habe in Deutschland. Am wichtigsten jedoch ist meine Freundin, die nicht nur meine Freundin ist, sondern eine so wundervolle Person, die mir das Gefühl gibt, etwas Besonderes zu sein und dafür bin ich dankbar. Gestern wurden wir im Kirchenunterricht gefragt, was unsere wertvollste Sache ist. Als ich dran war und meine 'most valuable possession' vorstellen sollte, wurde ich zunächst unterbrochen von einem Jungen, der sagte: 'Yo Phil, I bet it's your G-Shock or your Beats by Dre, am I right?' Nein, er hatte nicht recht. Mein wertvollster Besitz ist ein kleines Herz, welches mir Kathi zum Abschied geschenkt hat, das ich immer in meiner Hosentasche habe. Egal, wo ich hingehe. Was ich damit sagen will ist, dass es egal ist was auch immer ich besitzen mag, das Wichtigste im Leben seid ihr!

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Strength of a Dream

Every human being on earth dreams about something. Their life, moments, things or any scenarios. What does it mean to dream or imagine? Does it bring any profit to dream? Yes, indeed! Without the dreams I'm dreaming I had no drive to make these things happen that I want to happen. I wouldn't be a competitive or ambitious person. All I have to do is turning my dreams into reality and do my thing. There is no one in the whole wide world who can stop me from TRYING. Although I see nothing negative in dreaming, a lot of people think that dreams don't help to get further in life. I can not say they're wrong. It always depends on the way you try to make these dreams become real. Nothing falls down from heaven! It takes hard work to make a dream happen. I'm so appreciative for realizing that. Therefore I'm putting work in at anything I'm doing! "I used to dream about the life I'm living right now."

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Being proud of where you're from.

It's June 2010 and the entire world's looking to South Africa and watches the 2010 Soccer World Cup. It's an event which is uniting the whole world for two months, which is a great feeling. Four years ago the Soccer World Cup has been in Germany. This event has united Germany to one country - not only on the map, also in every German's mind. We started to being proud of our country again. We used to hide our identity, because we were ashamed of what happened 65-70 years ago - were ashamed what our ancestors have done in an absolutely horrible way. There is no excuse for the holocaust! Now we try to look in the future instead of looking back in the past. To be able to wave the German flag at an big event like the Soccer World Cup. I'm glad I can say that I am so tolerant and open for new cultures, people and religions from all over the world. There is no reason for me anymore to be ashamed of where I am from. That feels good! 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Believing in God

Religion to me is more than just believing in God. My belief gives me strength and is definitely a reason that I am loving life this much. Every  time I get down on my knees and pray I feel new born, feel strong, feel loved, feel confident. It's a good feeling, that I don't want to miss. Same thing when I read in the holy book. The bible is also inspiring and although it's the oldest book on earth it's so current to the today's life. There are so many different religions in the world and everybody believes different. Some types of religion are strict, some are not. What would live be without religion? For some people would life still exist, if religion would not exist. Thinking about the victims of the 11th September in 2001 makes me think: Is believing always good? Without different beliefs there were less wars around the world. So more lives?! No, definitely not. Without religion there were no billions of living people all over the globe. In conclusion, religion is not always good, but definitely needed to go on in life! 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Music - The Soulkeeper

Is there anything more popular than music in the whole wide world? I guess not. Every human being loves a kind of music. There are so many genres and there is no way anybody has no genre that he or she doesn't like. Every genre fits on different people and it depends on the character of a person what kind of music the person is listening to. You don't find anything more versatile than music. But is music just a thing? I think it's much more than that. It's also a description of a person and the way the person thinks or feels. A magnet. A glue stick that connects people all over the world. Without music I wouldn't know a lot of these great people I know in these days. I need music to live like the air we breath. I don't make music, but music makes me. That's a fact. "Music is the only love."